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no-code is amazing.

no-code is amazing

When discovering no-code, you were probably amazed by all the things you could do, without touching a single line of code.

And you were right.

Few years ago, this wasn’t possible. You needed to hire developers that you would pay at least US$100K per year. And your project would take months to build.

Now, with no-code, you can build not only an MVP, but a real in-depth product for your business.

But this isn't what really matters.





1. call an agency

Type nocode + agency in Google. You'll find a zillion of them.

And a lot of them are great.

But often times, it's hard to see which agency will bring your project to the next level.

2. do it yourself

Honestly, we would recommend this method.

It would be a great opportunity to build new skills.

But if your time is precious, then asking for help is wise.

there is another way...


a direct flight towards success


a designer-first no-code agency

to make your app not only functional

but with a really creative design


1. take-off

You will come to us with a project idea. It doesn’t matter if you don't have mockups.

Give us your requirements. Our form will process a quote for your project in less than 24h,
as we value your time probably as much as you do, if not more.

You’ll get an email from us 24h after your quote request. We will mark all the potential roadblocks and give you all the limits we found, and the number of work hours needed per feature.

If we sign a project together, we’ll go til’ the end. No caveats.

2. cruising altitude

Setup call : we’ll go in depth in your requirements.


We’ll start working on your project. From there you’ll get access to:

Our task management tool (ClickUp) - to see live progress

A video update after each working session with a screencast explaining what we've done

24/7 support - just not when we're sleeping...yes we do that sometimes

3. landing

Until your app isn’t published, we will back you. And do our best to find the best workarounds.

Not only we’ll send over a great product, but you’ll also know how to use it.
And understand the whole logic behind your app.

So if one day, you want to release a V2, you would be able to do it.
Or you can still call us back, we’re here to stay.

this is our pricing.
we believe in transparency.
no bullshit extra costs.

US$150 / HOUR

Get an estimate ⚡️
in less than 24 hours




When we were first introduced to them, we weren't sure of what to expect working with NoCodeUno. However, those concerns were put to rest on our very first day of working with him. He had great creative insights and participated in helping problem solve and find solutions within the platform's constraints. Add to that, they communicated well, gave us clear updates through the process and created a great experience!
I recommend them wholeheartedly!


Theo was an absolute pleasure to work with through our design process and creation of our application. We were working on polar opposite time zones, but Theo responded to our inquiries in a very timely manner, often working early or late to meet our needs because of the time zone difference. Because our business was still in the concept stage, Theo took a great interest in our operation and even helped with our design layout and workflows. Theo's work is of the highest standard, and I would not hesitate to work with him again. We're very appreciative of his time, hard work, and quality of work.


Outstanding experience with NoCode1 ! Communication was excellent, delivery was really fast and his attention to details was also top notch. They also went beyond expectations sending cool features we did not even thought about. Highly recommend and looking forward to work with them again.


They provided deliverables in a timely manner, did a great job on our app and made reasonable edits when requested. Overall a good experience and can't wait to hire them again.


On which tools can you work ?

Can you show me some projects ?

How long my project will take ?